Baltimore, Maryland
Peals is a band from Baltimore, MD composed of William Cashion (of Future Islands) and Bruce Willen (of Double Dagger). Peals band music MP3 shows albums releases bandcamp. Peals Walking Field. Future Islands. Double Dagger. Thrill Jockey Records.

New releases coming in 2015. Updates @P_E_A_L_S on Twitter.

Play individually or all together
Adjust volume where necessary

Walking Field LP Out Now : Thrill Jockey Records

"Lonestar" (featuring Bobby) Video by Scott Braid

"Tiptoes in the Parlor"
Dog Park Video by Towson University Media & Techniques Class

"Blue Elvis" Video by George Trimm

"Belle Air" Video by Zoe Friedman



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William Cashion + Bruce Willen